ebony horse club

As a young person living in Lambeth you probably have little or no positive contact with animals, especially horses! At Ebony Horse Club that can all change! You can experience the enjoyment and sense of achievement that can be gained by learning to ride and to benefit from the powerful, life-changing influence that contact with horses can bring. We offer much more than just riding lessons, through the support and experiences members have at Ebony, all are encouraged to exceed their own expectations, and many are inspired to go on to college, university or horse related careers.


high trees

Tulse Hill’s hub of opportunities is waiting for you!  Your potential can flourish in a safe and supportive environment by engaging in the many social, educational, recreational and volunteering opportunities we offer! Youth nights; the 3D’s (dancing, drumming, drama); study hubs to name but a few! Let off some steam in our adventure play area


advocacy academy

For generations, young people have been leading the struggle against injustice and inequality – if you are passionate about creating a more fair, just and equal world why not become part of a The Advocacy Academy’s transformational Social Justice Fellowship. You’ll develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to influence decisions about your lives and communities by working with the UK’s top campaigners and activists to deliver a speech in Parliament, lead a grassroots campaign in your community and influence the conversations defining the 21st century! The Advocacy Academy unleashes your power to transform their world!


IRMO te trae LAYF: El Foro Latinoamericano de la Juventud. Dirigido a jóvenes de habla española y portuguesa, de entre 13 y 20 años de edad. Nuestro proyecto ofrece clases de inglés ESOL muy divertidas y dinámicas, tutorías en educación y carrera profesional y talleres creativos y reflexivos semanales. Buscamos proporcionar un espacio seguro, divertido e inclusivo para ayudarlos a conocer a otros, involucrarse con su comunidad y desarrollar sus habilidades. ¿Qué estás esperando? Regístrate escribiendo a viniendo a visitarnos a IRMO.

IRMO brings you LAYF: The Latin American Youth Forum. Aimed at young Spanish and Portuguese speakers aged 13-20, our project offers fun and dynamic ESOL classes, one to one education and career mentoring and weekly creative and thoughtprovoking workshops. We seek to provide a safe, fun and inclusive space to help you meet others, get involved in your community, and build your skills. What are you waiting for? Sign up by writing to or by coming to visit us at IRMO.

The Baytree Centre

The Baytree Centre provides a safe, supportive space for girls and young women to develop academically and personally; you will be encouraged to explore and be daring to try things that you might not otherwise try, safe in the knowledge that you will be supported and guided by inspirational women! Everything at Baytree is designed to help girls and young women understand and value their identity and their potential. We ask the questions: What makes me, me? What unique skills do I have? Where am I going in life? How can I make a difference to society using my skills? How can I help others


Marcus Lipton

Community Enterprise is a beacon of light in the Loughborough area and we are offering you as well as your neighbours a range of services with the aim of helping you improve your chances in life. With the range of activities we offer there is something for everyone - sport, the arts, health initiatives, as well as therapeutic sessions around crime trauma support, bereavement & loss, mental health as well as 1-1 support. All our activities are for you to make sure you have the guidance and opportunities that you deserve!