Spiral showcases careers in tourism to young people at Lambeth College

Spiral's tourism pre-apprenticeship programme launches at Lambeth Careers College today. The unique careers education programme invites Level 3 students studying travel and tourism to sample a day in the life of 6 different tourism professionals. Professional volunteers include a BA pilot, a customer manager from One Fine Stay, a holiday tailor from Seable, and an European festival manager.

The ten workshop programme is designed to provide a comprehensive insight into the tourism industry. Using our 'workplace-staging' technique, young people will be tasked with real life workplace challenges, with guidance from current professionals. This try before you buy approach not only enables young people to make better informed life decisions, but develops essential transferable skills, builds confidence, and raises young people's aspirations. The programme also has self-awareness and target setting workshops throughout, ensuring young people learn vital personal development skills so they can continue to progress post the programme.

This tourism inspiration programme is part of a series of Spiral pre-apprenticeship programmes funded by The Walcot Foundation, whose mission is to support young people in Lambeth into employment. Spiral's programmes target young people most at risk of falling #NEET (Not in education, employment or training), and are tailored to tackle the barriers these young people often face to achieving employment. Barriers such as learning disabilities, behavioral difficulties, English as a foreign language and lack of access to enriching opportunities.  

Stay tuned to see how our young people progress though out the programme, we're excited to get started.  For more information on our careers education service or to become a professional volunteer, please contact Emma on emma@spiralskills.co.uk.