Our research-led career services are designed with the different needs and learning styles of young people at there core.

our programme features

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skills for life

Each workshop develops a different transferable skill set using activities based on real life career challenges. Young people are teamed up, assigned job roles, and the challenges commence. We like to make this a really interactive experience to keep the pace lively and the enjoyment to the maximum. No one enjoys a long talk or too many buzzwords, young people least of all.



Self Management
Problem Solving


professional support network

We have worked with over 500 professional volunteers, who join us to provide impartial insight into their worlds. This is so we have an honest information source that our young people can query face to face, but also gives them a role model or familiar face in that industry.

tackling the skills gap

Our career programmes showcase high need industries, each brimming with opportunities for young people. Using briefs from professionals from each industry, we co-design our content, combining our educational expertise to create developmental and engaging workshops for young people.

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self reflection

Throughout our interventions, we encourage young people to document their experiences, reflect on the skills they have learned, and highlight their areas for improvement. This not only supports young people to develop their self awareness, but also equips them with content to populate their CV’s, personal statements and job applications.

personal development

For young people to achieve a truly fulfilling career, they need to reflect on their values and aspirations in life. We deliver personal development and goal setting workshops to encourage young people’s self awareness and ensure they continue to manage their personal development after we have worked with them.    

opportunity community

The opportunity community is a valuable network of organisations offering employment, apprenticeship, training, work experience, further education or support services to young people. This works two ways, as it enables us to send young people opportunities relevant to their interests. It also helps us refer young people with specific areas of need, to experts that can support them even better.

Spiral Alumni

Our support for young people doesn't stop at the end of the programme. After all, they are our information source and our guidance on how we can continue to do better. Spiral is a youth-led initiative, so we keep a proactive youth panel engaged in all company developments. What we love the most about our alumni network, is that our Spiral Ambassadors go on to inspire the next generation by becoming our workshop deliverers, returning as professionals to inspire the next generation.