Our career programme is designed with the different needs and learning styles of young people at its core


Skills Focus

Each workshop hones a different core skill set through activities based on real life career challenges. Young people are teamed up, assigned job roles, and the challenges commence. We like to make this a really interactive experience with social media and videos to keep the pace lively and the enjoyment to the maximum. 



Self Management
Problem Solving


Engaging Professionals

In each workshop, our partner professional provides first-hand insight into their career. This is so we have an honest information source that our young people can query face to face.

Online Profile

Throughout the programme, all experiences and newly developed skills are recorded on an online profile. This not only gives young people practice in recording achievements, it means they are better equipped to sell themselves on CVs and personal statements. 

Unique Programme Features

We not only expose young people to careers, we have self-evaluation and goal setting days to encourage self-awareness and personal development skills so they have an action plan to pursue following the programme.    

Meeting The Need

To make sure our programme is relevant, we design what careers are featured throughout it based on the local and national employment needs with a focus on developing sectors, and also through the desires expressed by our youth panel. 

Ongoing Support Networks

At the end of the programme we offer free training opportunities, work experience and job vacancies. As our young people have developed work relevant skills, and most importantly have a better idea of what they want to do, they can now take their first steps on the career ladder.

Spiral Alumni

Our support for young people doesn't stop at the end of the programme. After all, they are our information source and our guidance on how we can continue to do better. Spiral is a youth led initiative so we keep a proactive youth panel engaged in all company developments. What we love the most about our alumni network, is that our Spiral Ambassadors go on to inspire the next generation by becoming our workshop deliverers as returning professionals.